A New Chapter of Well-Rounded Success Begins!

Exciting Announcement: Well-Rounded Success is ready to help giving millennials!

Our Mission
We choWRSLogo.Blueose to focus our efforts on those pursuing well-rounded lifestyles by

  1. Inspiring our community to live life with intention
  2. Helping people within our community prepare a financial foundation to live the lives they intend
  3. Hosting events to bring together well-rounded people
  4. Practicing what we preach

Millennials and Finances

Numerous studies illustrate that millennials are the most conservative generation when it comes to money. A recent study from UBS Wealth Management Americas calls millennials the “most fiscally conservative generation since the Great Depression.” This research states that investors aged 21 to 36 have 52% of their average assets (property and possessions) sitting in cash like checking and savings accounts compared to 23% for other age groups.

The problem is millennials are holding cash since most of us don’t know what to do! Financial literacy is an issue and I certainly wasn’t taught financial jargon in school. Before I joined this industry in 2012, I was overwhelmed. I wasn’t a crazy spendthrift by any means but I didn’t even know why the stock market updates mattered. It was down, up, down, and then really down, and this caused the recession. Hmmm, why? Someone please explain!

Enter Well-Rounded Success! Personal finances are not difficult. Most of the challenges occur on the behavioral side. Control your spending, be sure to save, don’t get sold something you don’t need, and find ways to earn more. Your overall goal is to define how you want money to be a tool for your lifestyle.

A Millennial to Help Millennials

PrintAs a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I’m a fiduciary – fancy language stating that I put my client’s interests before my own. A fee-only professional means I do not receive commissions for products I sell. I only get paid by either the client cutting me a check for my services or a flat percentage is taken out of the investments I manage on behalf of the client. Simple as that.

It’s my goal to make things simple for you. Simple for you to understand. Simple time-tested investment strategies. And a simple business relationship. You want help, I can be that financial guy for you!

I’m right there with you, I’m building a career so I can feel fulfilled, supported, and excited. Helping people of my generation is my noble mission so let’s tackle this overwhelming field of personal finance together!

A Community of Giving Millennials

If you’re ready to chat about exploring a business relationship, schedule a meeting below by clicking the link below. If you want to participate in our community, sign up for our monthly newsletter where we’ll share insightful information as well as invitations for the events we organize within our community.

Dodgeball at a trampoline park interest you? How about Team Trivia nights? Or volunteer events? Come meet the Well-Rounded Success team and our groovy community. We’re attracting giving millennials and are excited to grow with them.

Thank you all for the support. I couldn’t be where I am today without the help of many of you. Thank you!

Get in touch with us through the information below and we’re excited to strive for Well-Rounded Success alongside you all!

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