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The Goals and Vision for Well-Rounded Success

A certain personality trait gets me in trouble: my mind and mouth defaults to the truth. I get myself in trouble with my lovely fiancée because I admit the truth rather than telling a little fib to cover up my mistake. Baffling to myself and entertaining to others.

Instead of training my mind to be more secretive, I rather embrace my honest behavior and be upfront with Well-Rounded Success’ new business strategy. In order for people to trust me and share their vision, challenges, and goals, I find it important to share mine.

This article will expose what we’re up to and you might discover how you can help us accomplish our goals – short-term and/or long-term.

6 Month Goals and Rewards

In order to feel like progress is being made, it’s important to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. To make goals more fun, you have to reward yourself along the way. Here’s a matrix illustrating my goals and rewards for the next six months. Please get in touch with me if you have any advice and/or you could possibly help me accomplish these goals: Message Dan.


Guiding Principles

To build the company, culture, environment, and experience that I intend for Well-Rounded Success, it’s important to follow these guiding principles.

  • Ethically coach people to manage personal finances
  • Be proud of what we offer clients
  • Encourage others to live life with intention and discover their best selves
  • Inspire and grow our community of giving millennials
  • Be transparent and upfront with community members, prospects, clients, and work force
  • Practice what we preach

Short-Term Vision (Next 5 Years)

The next five years will focus on building the foundation for this company so it can become sustainable, significant, and worthwhile to everyone involved. This brand has the power to positively influence the lives of many. Here’s a short list of what Well-Rounded Success hopes to accomplish.

  • Give 5% of top-line revenue to non-profit
    • Non-profit will be chosen by the Well-Rounded Society
  • WRSocietyWell-Rounded Society
    • Build and lead a mastermind group for ambitious young professionals
      • Mix-and-Match Accountability Partners
      • Book Club
      • Rapport Building Networking Events
      • Professional Development Workshops
      • Vote for Which Non-Profits to Receive 5% of Top-Line Revenue
      • Annual Well-Rounded Society Retreat
        • Hiking, Yoga, Postcards, Development, Relaxation and Fun
    • Message Dan to learn more!
  • Well-Rounded Events
  • Build a lifestyle business
    • Allow me to be a stay-at-home dad – when the time comes – and business owner
    • Flexible virtual practice
      • Can work while traveling to visit lovely fiancée in Omaha, family in San Diego, and other future trips
    • Earn income to support livelihood and hobbies
  • 60 clients as solo-practitioner
    • Mix of Financial Planning, Investment Management, and recurring clients
  • Become a speaker about topics like Personal Finance, Millennials, and Well-Rounded Success
    • Asked to speak five times per year
  • Form an Advisory Board for Well-Rounded Success
    • Group of five trusted advisory members
      • Desired, but not exclusive, specialties
        • Experienced in Personal Finance
        • Entrepreneurship
        • Marketing
        • Compliance
      • Quarterly video conference calls
      • Two year term limit
      • Small stipend for time
    • Contact Dan if you’re interested!

WaltVisionDown-the-Road Vision (5+ Years)

Once the foundation is built for Well-Rounded Success, it’ll be time to grow. Chances are the kids will be starting pre-school (and yes, my lovely fiancée knows about this) so I’ll have more time to make Well-Rounded Success scalable so we can positively influence more people.

  • Give 10% of top-line revenue to non-profit
    • Non-profit(s) will be chosen by the Well-Rounded Society
  • Shift from a lifestyle business to a growth-oriented business
    • Establish a physical office
    • Build out processes to hire team so we can impact more clients
  • Hire full-time staff
    • Para planners
    • Operations
    • Marketing & Events
    • Compliance
      • Once discover a great candidate and/or reach 60 clients
    • Hire in-house Estate Attorney and CPA
      • Become one-stop shop for Personal Finance needs
    • Offer benefits to self and staff
      • 401(k)
      • Health insurance
      • Other perks
    • Protégés and Internship Program
      • Groom future leaders with an in-house program
      • Term limit of three years
  • Focus on Financial Planning and Behavioral Finance
    • Proactively address the future of the industry as Investment Management becomes more and more commoditized
  • Regular speaking engagements
    • Give a TEDx Talk
    • Become a Keynote Speaker

Marketing Strategy

Business ModelGrowing this business organically is important and I rather focus on building relationships versus wooing random people from the internet with click-bait articles. Get to know me first and then we’ll discover together if you want to trust me as your financial guy. In order to get our name out there, this how we plan to build our community.

  • Well-Rounded Society
  • Monthly blogging and newsletters
  • Well-Rounded Events
    •  Organize fun events for group
      • We’ll announce these events on our Newsletter
    • Well-Rounded Happy Hours
      • Bring together like-minded professionals in low key environment
  • Referrals
    • Current clients
    • Friends and family
    • Other fee-only Financial Planners in Denver area
    • Frequently ask for help

How You Can Help

There you have it. Becoming an entrepreneur is nerve-wracking and exciting. In order to grow Well-Rounded Success and reach these goals, I need some help. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in the following areas:

I look forward to updating everyone about these goals six months from now! Thanks everyone for the support!

Many Thanks,

Dan Andrews


Well-Rounded Success™

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