My Favorite Podcasts & How To Listen: #TryPod

#TryPod: A month long campaign for podcast enthusiasts to expose non-podcast listeners to the “awesome-ness” of this type of media.

I love podcasts! They provide entertainment, education, and conversation pieces. More and more people mention podcasts in everyday conversations so don’t feel left out anymore!

If you’re a newbie or a veteran, check out the rest of this article for a list of some of my favorite listens.

How to Listen to Podcasts

Many apps exist so choose whichever technology you’re most comfortable navigating.

Android Smartphones: I use Podcast & Radio Addict. This easy-to-use app allows me to create playlists so one podcast plays after another. Thus making my listening experience seamless on road trips and long runs.

iPhone Users: I hear the Podcast App through iTunes works well.

Select the podcasts you want to try and hit “subscribe.” This way, your device will stay updated on new episodes. You can then either download episodes (for offline listening) or stream the content. I recommend downloading since this will decrease your overall data usage and be easier to listen whenever you drive into a tunnel.

Examples of when I listen:

  • Road trips.
  • Long runs.
  • Stuck in traffic.
  • During NPR’s pledge drive.
  • Working out in the gym.
  • Pretty much anytime I rather educate myself versus zoning-out to music.

My Favorite Podcasts

Binge Worthy

Mike Rowe – That’s The Way I Heard It

“For the curious mind with a short attention span.” Eight minute stories about a famous person – and he doesn’t tell you who the protagonist is until the end. Sometimes your jaw will drop.

Favorite Episode:


Learn about origin stories of scary tales or historical events which cause us to be spooked about unsettling things like lighthouses or hotels. A great storyteller with beautiful piano music in the background.

Favorite Episode: Rope and Railing


Get engulfed in the a mess of a murder trial explained in Season 1. So many people became obsessed with this podcast that it became part of pop culture. Download lots of episodes for a long road trip.

Favorite Episode: You can’t listen to just one. Start at the beginning of Season 1

Educational Entertainment

syskStuff You Should Know

Two dudes who go into research-mode and share their findings to help you understand all types of topics. Flea Circuses, the Sun, Who Names Continents, The Muppets, and the list goes on-and-on.

Favorite Episode: How Pizza Works

hibtHow I Built This

Learn the journeys of entrepreneurs and movement-creators. Gain a tremendous amount of respect for how these people persevered through adversity.

Favorite Episode: Spanx – Sara Blakely

tedTED Radio Hour

World-famous TED talks adapted for radio. Multiple TED talks are condensed into one episode to expose you to multiple ideas around a certain theme.

Favorite Episode: Giving It Away

Understand Current Events

freakonomicsFreakonomics Radio

One of the co-authors of the famous book, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explains the Hidden Side of Everything, analyzes the economic side of many different topics. He interviews nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, and other interesting folk.

Favorite Episode: The No-Tipping Point

wait waitWait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

By far, my favorite podcast! This weekly show explains current events through comedians in a news quiz. A mix of major headlines with quirky news stories.

Favorite Episode: Each episode is relevant for the previous week’s news.

planetmoney_sq-c7d1c6f957f3b7f701f8e1d5546695cebd523720-s300-c85Planet Money

Understanding the economy doesn’t have to be “blah blah blah.” These journalists make relevant topics fun to listen to so you can better understand the world.

Favorite Episode: The Man Who Sued Iran

Expand Your Mind


Two gals dive into the invisible forces that shape human behavior. Learn some interesting cases and theories that will make you go, “wow!”

Favorite Episode: The Personality Myth

gladwellMalcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History

Gladwell is famous for creating amazing correlations. He keeps up this tradition while also pushing you to think in new ways about common beliefs.

Favorite Episode: The Big Man Can’t Shoot

hidden brainHidden Brain

Storytelling mixed with science to help you understand human behavior. No topic is off limits so be prepared to understand the psychology behind humor, biases, and taboo subjects.

Favorite Episode: In Praise of Mess – Why Disorder May Be Good For Us

Featured image photo credit to Jonathan Velasquez. All other images taken from websites of podcasts.

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