A Responsible Traveler’s Checklist


You’re stoked! You just booked your international vacation. Congratulations on saving up the funds to book your trip. Now it’s time to get ready and to make sure you’re being as proactive as possible.

Don’t Do What I Did!

When I recently ventured to Australia, I heard my name being broadcasted in the airport terminal, “DANIEL ANDREWS! PLEASE REPORT TO THE GATE DESK!” Yes, the woman was saying this in “ALL-CAPS!”

My laziness kept me from researching the Visa requirements where we had to book a last-second Visa in order for me to be allowed on the aircraft. Luckily we did this in time where I then ran through the terminal to be the second-to-last person on the plane. We both received lots of glares from the waiting passengers. Woops…

Now, I know better so here’s some items to consider for your upcoming international adventure.

Go Over This Checklist

Take a gander at this checklist and start researching your unique situation. Glance at the numerous online resources, “how-to’s,” and forums to learn more.

Download the following checklist to help you get started.

A Responsible Traveler’s Checklist

Have Fun!

Most of all, remember that you’re a guest in the country you’re visiting. Be courteous, be respectful, be aware, and learn as much as possible! Broaden your horizons by chatting with the locals and immerse yourself in the new culture. Have fun and be safe!

PS: Send some postcards 🙂

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