Review Your Year: An Exercise to Reflect on Your Year’s Pros-and-Cons

Each year has milestones, setbacks, & other significant events that deserve acknowledgement.

Your personal timeline just experienced a new tally on the total times you travel around the sun, so why don’t we define the significance of this specific tally!

Watch this video and then download the worksheet from the link below so you can reflect on your year before you move onto the next one!

For the worksheet referenced, please visit this link:

Review Your Year

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Daniel C. AndrewsAbout the Author

Dan Andrews is the Leader & CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ of Well-Rounded Success. Dan enjoys guiding and encouraging individuals through a variety of money subjects with a focus on behavioral finance. Dan’s vision is to impact communities by encouraging individuals to define their own paths, handle their responsibilities, and to give back while on their journeys.

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