12 Podcast Recommendations: Volume Two

Podcast recommendations! Last year, we shared our first podcast recommendation article (My Favorite Podcasts & How to Listen: #TryPod) and its time to recommend some more.


In last year’s article, we shared easy to follow steps so you can enjoy this form of entertainment so we’ll spare you those details in this post. Let’s get right into our new recommendations!


Our four categories:

  1. Better Your Relationship With Money
  2. Short Educational Content
  3. Become a Better Financial Planner
  4. Broaden Your Horizons


Better Your Relationship With Money


death sex and moneyDeath, Sex, & Money with Anna Sale

This podcast provides gentle reminders of the human struggles we all experience. No one is ‘puffing their chest’ in these podcasts which proves refreshing as a listener. As the tagline from Anna Sale says, “Death, sex, & money are the three things we all think about and need to talk about more.” Many episodes help you understand the complicated relationship people have with money.

Favorite Episode: Ellen Burstyn’s Lessons on Survival

bad with moneyBad With Money with Gaby Dunn

A bold and shocking personality going through her money troubles. Gaby Dunn addresses many taboo subjects around money and doesn’t hold back while sharing her journey to better understand money.

Favorite Episode: Gaby Gets Her Head Examined (AKA Plan Bay)

So_Money_PodcastYou’re So Money! with Farnoosh Torabi

An award winning personal finance podcast with guests like Deepak Chopra and Simon Sinek. Farnoosh Torabi interviews fascinating figures two times a week plus she answers money questions from listeners on Fridays with a co-host. Plenty of content to better yourself!

Favorite Episode: Episode 631 – Simon Sinek

Proud Self-Promotion: It was an honor to co-host an episode with Farnoosh Torabi to answer money questions from her listeners on Episode 644: Should I Pay Off My Student Loans or Keep Saving?

Short Educational Content


pewAfter the Fact from the Pew Charitable Trust

We’re in a data world and the nonpartisan Pew Charitable Trust has a lot of it! Learn from interesting guests, panels, and topics that’ll help you critically think today’s issues.

Favorite Episode: The Millennials Aren’t Kids Anymore

up firstUp First

Wake up to today’s news with this short podcast. On weekdays, the NPR team shares three to four stories in fifteen minutes or less. Be knowledgeable about the world from this bite sized podcast.

Favorite Episode: Each episode is relevant for the specific morning’s news.

indicatorThe Indicator

The Planet Money team analyzes and explains why a number in the news matters. Loads of economics and finance subjects are addressed to help you gain fresh perspectives.

Favorite Episode: Weed GDP


Become a Better Financial Planner


xypn radioXYPN Radio

This podcast’s content helped me gain confidence while building my Financial Planning firm. Learning the stories from other planners allowed me to fine-tune what makes sense for my clients and our service models. If you’re investigating a career in Financial Planning, give this podcast a listen!

Favorite Episode: Focusing on Return on Life instead of ROI with Mitch Anthony

Shameless Self-Plug: It was fun sharing my own story on Episode 97: Surviving the First Year to Thriving in the Second

nextgen plannersNextGen Planners

Financial Planners from across the pond share similar yet different perspectives. Learn about the Financial Planning profession from soothing British accents.

Favorite Episode: Episode 28 – Paul Armson on a bright future for Financial Planning IF we step away from the Industry

kitcesFinancial Advisor Success with Michael Kitces

Michael Kitces shares his knowledge while also interviewing big players in Financial Planning. Gain insights from planners, consultants, and other leaders who help shape our growing Financial Planning profession.

Favorite Episode: Angie Herbers: Taking Control of Your Advisory Business So The Business Doesn’t Control You

Broaden Your Horizons


s townS-Town

Prepare to learn about a quirky town and culture that exists right here in our USA. A deep dive into a tiny Alabama town. People actually live like this!

Favorite Episode: Can’t choose just one since the story is told in seven linear chapters.

code switchCode Switch

Lean into the discomfort to educate yourself on race in America. This podcast does an amazing job to help me understand how minority groups view their identities. Most of the content is uplifting and productive to help you gain new knowledge on how to support others in our country.

Favorite Episode: An Advertising Revolution: “Black People Aren’t Dark-Skinned White People.”


rough translationRough Translation

See how issues in the United States are completely different in other cultures. It’s always nice to get out of our American bubble and this podcast does a great job to help you understand the world.

Favorite Episode: Brazil in Black & White


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Daniel C. AndrewsAbout the Author

Dan Andrews is the Leader & CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ of Well-Rounded Success. Dan enjoys guiding and encouraging millennials through their ‘adulting’ responsibilities. His behavioral-finance style focuses on helping individuals in the Well-Rounded Success community define his/her own definition of success, make good decisions, and to also be philanthropic while along their journeys.

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