For Parents: How We Help Your Adult Children with Financial Literacy & Personal Growth

Programs for your Adult Child to learn Financial Literacy & Personal Growth from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional & mentor

An empty nest has nerve wracking challenges. You may be asking yourself if your child has the tools and habits to navigate the complex adult world ahead of him/her. Your child ventures out of your home and you say, “now, go make good decisions.”


My question to you: does your child have the tools and habits to make good decisions with money responsibilities?


When it comes to New Adults starting their lives, managing money and other responsibilities prove daunting. High school and colleges teach many people how to be functional professionals and how to critically think when life proves complex.


  • For example, your child learns how to identify a Rhombus in Geometry class and doesn’t learn how to navigate credit cards, taxes, estate planning, student loans, insurance, how to make money, how to save money, investing, and how to find trustworthy people for money guidance.


This is the focus of our Well-Rounded Financial Planning™ program for New Adults. We guide and encourage people in their formative years (usually people aged 20 – 40) through Financial Literacy and Personal Growth coaching.


This program includes month-by-month education, accountability, and personal conversations to help your adult child become more grounded, confident, and intentional with their financial, personal, and professional lives.


This visual shows an example of the topics we cover throughout the program. This program is flexible where we can mix-and-match plus add/omit subjects to personally tailor this program for your Adult Child’s needs.

Why This Program Exists


My family taught me that you don’t talk about three things at the dinner table: sex, politics, and religion. Money is so taboo that it isn’t even brought up as a taboo!


My family did their best to teach me about money but I wasn’t listening because


  1. It was my parents teaching me which felt like a lecture.
  2. These conversations were infrequent which didn’t give me the chance to let these educational moments sink in to become an ongoing habit.
  3. Money can surface quirky psychological behaviors which made these financial conversations turn into emotionally charged back-and-forths or arguments.
  4. And probably, most of all: These lessons were coming from my parents and young people sometimes don’t listen to their parents!


Since I didn’t listen to my parents, when I graduated college, adulthood responsibilities overwhelmed me and I floated through many critical phases by ‘winging it.’ I made some good and bad decisions during my formative years.


Towards my late twenties, I felt lost and unsure how to approach my future. This intense time felt like a quarter-life crisis and forced me to self-evaluate my future. To fix this feeling of anguish, I decided to immerse myself in inspirational TED Talks and personal growth books while also studying to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.


While learning all these money and life subjects, I thought, “all this information needs to be taught to people entering adulthood!”


This project then became my personal passion. Over years of crafting and offering this program, this service proudly allows a CFP® professional to guide and encourage New Adults to be intentional with their personal, professional, and financial lives.


How to Get Your Adult Child Involved


Instead of a new smart phone as a graduation or a birthday gift, give the gift of this Well-Rounded Financial Planning™ program to your child.


We work with our clients as one-on-one coaches over video conference, giving your child the flexibility to meet wherever is convenient for him/her. This also means that we act as a confidential Financial Planner with your child and your child alone. This gives him/her a place to openly share their struggles, challenges, and triumphs with a third-party professional.


As a fee-only CFP® professional, it is my fiduciary duty to give advice which is in your child’s best interests. All of the Personal Growth topics we cover are subjects which I practice in my own life. I can help your child define his/her Personal Mission and Vision Statements, help craft his/her professional documents (LinkedIn, resume, and cover letter), and offer guidance on numerous other subjects which are relevant for the individual.


Numerous parents and family members have already gifted our program to their adult children. Here’s an example of the typical process.


Step One

The family member identifies if this Well-Rounded Financial Planning™ program is a good fit for their adult child.


Step Two

The family member bridges an introduction between the adult child and myself. I schedule a video conference conversation with the New Adult to go over the program.

  • This is where I also find out if the individual is on-board or not interested. If the adult child isn’t interested, then we’ll delay working together.


Step Three

If the New Adult is excited for the program, the participant will sign the contract to establish our business relationship and either pay the Initiation Fee directly or be gifted the money by a family member.

  • The family member doesn’t pay me directly. It’s helpful to have the adult child see the money vanish from their checking account so he/she feels like they are paying and it also provides a learning opportunity to teach online banking tools.


Step Four

Your adult child and I start the 12 month program to go over Financial Literacy topics and Personal Growth topics which are tailored for the individual.


Step Five

Once we complete the program, your adult child graduates and I channel my inner-parent when saying, “now, go make good decisions.”


We notice that the New Adult then typically encourages other family members to start being proactive and intentional with money. So get ready to get motivated to update your own financial life by following your kid’s example!


What Do You Say?


A recent New York Times article titled, Why You Should Hire a Financial Planner; Even if You’re Not Rich, stated:


“If the very idea of financial planning makes you break out in hives, you’re not alone. A new study found that perceived financial well-being — feeling secure about not only the state of your current situation but how well you’ve planned for the future — holds the key to your overall well-being. Your financial security can affect you as strongly as job satisfaction, relationship stability, and physical health combined.”


Do you want to gift this service for your adult child so they can have help towards his/her journey of financial well-being? If so, please let me know so we can start the process.


We cap the number of current clients to offer this program so please sign up quickly because we have limited space.


It’s an honor to help the participants who already graduated and are currently in our programs. It would be an honor to help your child with the information I wish I learned when I entered adulthood.


Thanks for reading and if you want guidance on how to navigate your personal finances, please get in touch with me or learn more at Well-Rounded Success’ Services on the website.

Daniel C. AndrewsAbout the Author

Dan Andrews is the Leader & CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ of Well-Rounded Success. Dan enjoys guiding and encouraging millennials through their ‘adulting’ responsibilities. His behavioral-finance style focuses on helping individuals in the Well-Rounded Success community define his/her own definition of success, make good decisions, and to also be philanthropic while along their journeys.


Photo by Grégoire Bertaud on Unsplash